Buildings with very basic accommodation required…..

Some members will know of Mr Ken Prestidge who has been connected with Dairy Shorthorns for 55 years and owned some for 51 years.  He has always had his own ideas of breeding them, obsessed with a purer type of Hastoe bloodlines and seem to have had a knack of cattle breeding even though not from a farming family. The love of cattle to him has taken over his life and he has given most of it to them.

Now retired aged 67 he still has 7 Shorthorns and is looking to find a small place to rent of about 10 acres and a few buildings with very basic accommodation as he is still very active and enjoys some daily tasks every day. Ken has searched and has not had much luck so far, if you could help to spread the word that he is looking for premises or offer him any premises he would love to hear from you.

He lives in Flintshire in North Wales but would move anywhere in the UK.  He would like to keep up to a dozen of his beloved Dairy Shorthorns to keep his cattle going on for a few more years.

If anyone could offer Ken some contacts or details of possible locations please call him on 07771267625 or 01352218913.