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4th October 2017 | Judge: David Winnington

Champion: Earlsgift Butterbur 6 from Messrs Crank

Champion: Earlsgift Butterbur 6 from Messrs Crank

I’d firstly like to start by saying thank you to Bath and West Dairy Show for the great honour of judging the Dairy Shorthorn classes. I’d been very much looking forward to it and it turned out to be a great pleasure for both Debbie and I. At the end of the day we felt we had been very spoilt and it was so good to meet friends old and new.

Reserve Champion: Brinsbury Millicent 9 from Chichester College

Reserve Champion: Brinsbury Millicent 9 from Chichester College

Maiden Heifer
One heifer in this class, this young red heifer was full of quality parading well with strength, dairy quality bone and great openness and spring of rib. She was a worthy first prize winner.

In Calf Heifer
I headed this class with a fantastic upstanding stretchy dairy heifer. I loved the openness and depth of rib of this heifer and she was very nice underneath which made her a very good prospect for the future. I gave her first over a very sweet second heifer with her having more scale, openness of rib and being more forward in her udder development than my second heifer. My second heifer, a young correct heifer which I’m sure there’ll be another day for her to.

Heifer in milk after their first calf at under 3 years old.
This was a class of excellent in milk heifers. I headed off with a red heifer which I had no hesitation in placing first. It was a heifer that had dairy strength, having a spring and openness through her rib. Her udder was well attached and teat placement was correct, It was this, particularly in the cover over the front teats as well as the levelness through her udder front to back that I placed her over a striking light roan classy second heifer.

This heifer had stature and strength about her and I placed her over the third heifer for her extra scale, rear udder width and also the bloom in her udder. The third heifer, a dark read heifer, had a very correct udder, the teat placement being excellent and it was this excellent mammary plus the extra dairy strength that gave her third place over fourth. Fourth over fifth I gave for that bloom in her udder and with fifth a very tidy sweet heifer.

Junior Cow in milk Two calves
First place in this class was a beautifully balanced cow, with a great body and a fantastic udder, Her fore udder attachment was wonderful and also the teat placement. It was that udder, the neatness of teats and snugness of attachment that puts her over this very stylish cow in second place. This big roan cow, full of milk and a wonderful bloom in her udder with a better rump structure gave her the placing over my third cow, a very milky young cow with a great udder.

Intermediate Cow in milk
Although this cow was on her own in the class, I realised immediately as she walked in the ring it was the type of cow I was looking for, She was a beautifully balanced dairy cow which paraded around the ring with such style and presence. She had strength and moved effortlessly on her excellent legs and feet. A very well attached udder, good teat placement which was full of milk rounded off an outstanding young cow.

Senior Cow in milk.
I always enjoy judging this class as this is what Dairy Shorthorn breeding is all about, long lasting cows and I had here cows who had had up to six calves. I’ve led though with the most junior of the four cows, a fourth calver, a tall cow with stretch and capacity and tracked really well, She had a wonderful udder being well attached with the teat just right and it was this correctness and youthfulness in this area that put her ahead of a very good second placed cow. A cow that had had 6 calves and was still going strong, Great dairy strength in this cow and with a very good hard top line and tracked very well again, very good legs and feet.

It was the hardness through her top line and her rump area that put her ahead of the third place cow, a striking red and white cow with a tight udder attachment and full of milk, obviously giving a large volumes! It was this udder attachment and the ligament through the centre of her udder that put her over a great production cow in fourth place which again walked really well.

This class contained four really good cows. I placed the two roan animals first as I believe that when judging a pairs competition I’m looking for uniformity as well as quality and to me this pair had this. They had wonderful bloom in their udder as well as being very well presented making them an unbeatable pair. I put them ahead of two outstanding animals in second place.

Breed Champion
My champion cow was the outstanding intermediate cow, She had been expertly brought out at ‘12 o’clock’ with an udder full of milk. A cow with great dairy strength, I placed over my reserve, the excellent upstanding youthful senior cow with the very correct udder, for the style and presence she walked round the ring with, coupled with her balance, freshness and the bloom in her udder. The line-up of ten top quality animals for the Championship was a credit to all the exhibitors, many whom were showing at the show for the very first time. The interest from outside the ring it created was very refreshing to see and it was noticeable how busy our staff were throughout the day on a very well presented Shorthorn Society Stand.

All this was very encouraging and a positive result for all the hard work put in by everyone to make this a very successful show for the breed, Therefore a big thank you and many congratulations to everybody involved.

David Winnington

Ablington Fairy 18th

Ablington Fairy 18th


HEIFER Born on or between 1 January and 31 March 2016.
1st Hale Violet 57 - s. Hook William - N R Osborne

HEIFER In calf with first calf, due to calve at under three years of age.
1st Tobarn Destry Samanta - s. Scientific Destry - N R Osborne
2nd Brinsbury Blush Rose 5 - s. R Harvard - Chichester College

HEIFER In milk, having calved her first calf under three years of age.
1st Ablington Fairy 18 - s. Marleycote Thunder ET - Brymore Academy
2nd Lyndale Hurricane Heather - s. Glanhirwen Prince - Mr M J Chilcot
3rd Goodwick Darlington 112 - s. Strickley Maximus - K J Osborne

JUNIOR COW In-milk, having calved twice.
1st Avondale Vi 5 - s. Hooton Envoy - Messrs Crank
2nd Lyndale Francie - s. Blissful Ted Spurgeon - Mr M J Chilcott
3rd Brimclose Flower 16 - s. Brimclose Jubilee - D & S Slade

INTERMEDIATE COW In-milk having calved three times.
1st Earlsgift Butterbur 6 - s. Drisgol Madonna’s Prince - Messrs Crank

SENIOR COW In-milk, having calved four times or more.
1st Brinsbury Millicent 9 - s. April Day Wisconsin Red - Chichester College
2nd Irthingvale Watzon Tulip - s. Drisgol Watzon - Messrs Crank
3rd Brimclose Magic 11 - s. Brimclose Rocket - D & S Slade

PAIR OF ANIMALS Exhibitor bred and the property of the same exhibitor.
1st Lyndale Hurricane Heather & Lyndale Francie - Mr M J Chilcott
2nd Avondale Vi 5 & Earlsgift Butterbur 6 - Messrs Crank

CHAMPION:  Earlsgift Butterbur 6 - Messrs Crank
RESERVE:  Brinsbury Millicent 9 - Chichester College
HONOURABLE MENTION:  Irthingvale Watzon Tulip - Messrs Crank

Earlsgift Butterbur 6 with Anna & Rob Crank

Earlsgift Butterbur 6 with Anna & Rob Crank