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Champion: Cotonhall Prophet Cherry

Champion: Cotonhall Prophet Cherry

20th and 21st June 2017 | Judge: James Robinson

Cotonhall Win Quadruple Championships

Rob Kite & family have had a phenomenal National Dairy Shorthorn show winning four major Championships across two days of fierce competition. For Judge James Robinson, Strickley Shorthorns, Kendal, Cotonhall Prophet Cherry VG86 was “an obvious Champion as her sensational ring presence, bloom of udder and quality of bone made her the obvious choice today”.

Reserve Champion: Avondale Vi 5

Reserve Champion: Avondale Vi 5

Cotonhall Prophet Cherry VG86 is no stranger to the show ring and this victory comes fresh from her Championship win two weeks ago at Stafford County Show where last year Cherry won the Interbreed Heifer Championship Honours. Commenting on his Champion James Robinson felt that she had “exceptional mammary system with great height and width in the rear.  Beautiful clean lines and fantastic length and stretch.  “An easy winner.”  The Llandovery Prides Prophet daughter won the junior class having just calved her second, a heifer calf in the middle of March.  She achieved 6859kgs with 4.22%F and 3.19%P as a heifer.  Without a doubt this cow has a bright future both in the ring and out “she displays all the qualities of a great dairy cow, scope, stretch and quality of udder, parading on a great set of legs and feet with effortless style”.

Reserve Champion was won by Avondale Vi 5th the second placed junior cow in milk from the Crank family, a Hooton Envoy daughter currently milking in her second lactation. The judge stated that “this was an extremely well-balanced cow with a fantastic fore udder attachment that blends beautifully into the body”. Having only calved a week ago this junior cow definitely has much more to offer on the show circuit this year. She is currently giving 40kgs daily.

Intermediate Cow Winner Morwood Prince Gay Lass

Intermediate Cow Winner Morwood Prince Gay Lass

Rounding up the Championship with the Honourable Mention was Morwood Prince Gay Lass VG87 from the Morgan family.  This Rodway Prince daughter “had lovely bloom in the udder, great chest width and tracked on a fantastic set of legs and feet which ultimately which gave this sweet young cow top spot in the class today”.  This is not the first outing for this cow who has been a great handling calf for young Tom Morgan although this is her first major win.  Calved on the 30th March she is currently giving 36kgs daily.

Heifer in Milk:_Cotonhall Alfie Nellie

Heifer in Milk:_Cotonhall Alfie Nellie

The Junior Championship went to Rob Kite with Cotonhall Alfie Nellie VG86 who is owned in partnership with J & B Evans in Australia.  “This heifer had tremendous bloom, height and width in the rear udder which placed her at the top of the class today”.  This is the second appearance for Nellie at the National Dairy Shorthorn Show and the second consequence Championship that she takes home, as last year she claimed the Calf Championship. She calved a heifer calf by Cotonhall Masterpiece, a Nejay Ernie son back in January.  “She caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, having such presence and style on parade”.

Champion Calf: Cotonhall Attitude Pearl

Champion Calf: Cotonhall Attitude Pearl

Rob Kite also secured the Calf Championship for the fourth year in a row.  This year`s winner Cotonhall Attitude Pearl is “so well balanced showing great promise underneath”.  This Intermediate calf continues her success from Stafford Show and now is currently unbeaten in her two appearances this year.  James Robinson was certainly impressed by this calf that “oozed dairy character, she is certainly one to keep an eye on in the future.”

The Kite Family also stood top of the Junior calf class with Cotonhall Landmine Cherry, this is the second outing and second red rosette for this young calf.  The Panorama Landmine daughter “is well grown with such style on parade.”  The senior calf class was also won by the Kite family with Cotonhall Empire Cherry who won as a junior calf here last year.  In a cracking class of nine calves the Judge James Robinson had his work cut out for him.  “The top two calves were extremely difficult to split however the tremendous length, depth of rib and overall maturity of this calf gave her the edge today”.  All three of the first prize winning Cherry daughters that Rob Kite had in his victorious team are all daughters of Cotonhall Cherry 4th EX90 that is a firm family favourite and proving to be a great breeder.

Further class results saw the Morgan family win the in-calf heifer class with “a very balanced heifer which looks very promising underneath”.  Morwood Coba is a Hooton Fair Ambition daughter and due to calve in August to Cotwalton Lincoln.  This is the first outing and first win for the heifer that “has great locomotion”

Senior Cow Earlsgift Tiny 19

Senior Cow Earlsgift Tiny 19

Standing at the top of the dry cow class was the Crank family with a Drisgol Madonna's Prince daughter Earlsgift Fillpail Fae 9th who is coming with her fifth.  She is in calf to Lemon Grove Hoffman and due to calve in September.  “This cow looks so youthful and has such dairy strength, chest width and sweetness in the teat that meant she was a handy class winner today.”  Finally,  Earlsgift Tiny 19th by Amber Dukedom found her way to the top of the senior cow in milk class.  From the Crank family this cow calved her fifth in June, James Robinson said she “is extremely well balanced, with great udder confirmation and lovely boned quality and the freshness in her udder on the day gave her the edge that saw her to the top of the line in a tough class”.

The BOCM Silcock Ltd Perpetual Trophy was won for the second consecutive year by the Crank Family with a lovely pair of Strickley True Perfection daughters, Earlsgift Barrington Duchess 12th and Earlsgift Blush Rose 5th.  “This pair paraded on fantastic legs and feet and were both in milk which is ultimately why they stood top of the class today”.  Whilst the Kelmscott Perpetual Trophy for the best group of three went to Rob Morgans unformed group of milkers; Morwood Prince Gay Lass, Morwood Rueben Tiny and Elkington Amber Princess 10th.  “This group of three milking cows was so well matched, great framed animals with great dairy strength, they were easy winners.”

Day two of Cheshire Show hosts the Interbreed class where the Dairy Shorthorns took home nearly all of the Reserve titles on offer.  In the first class of the day Robert Crank led Avondale Vi 5th into the Reserve spot for the Best Animal Breed in Cheshire.  In the Heifer in milk class Rob Kite stood in the Reserve spot with Cotonhall Alfie Nellie a truly fabulous result.  The Morgan family found themselves picking up the Reserve rosette for the best progeny pair with a duo of Rodway Ruben daughters in a class of nine pairs.

The Dairy Shorthorns seemed to continuously catch the eye of Interbreed Judge Alan Timbrell as he was “impressed by the uniformity, great legs and feet and the elegant cows” that he had before him in every class.  The next class was the Exhibitor bred pair, in a class of eight pairs Rob Kite won the Reserve honours with Cotonhall Prophet Cherry and Cotonhall Lennox Moonlight.   Next the Dairy Shorthorn team of four that included Cotonhall Prophet Cherry, Cotonhall Lennox Moonlight, Morwood Prince Gay Lass and Avondale Vi 5th stood Reserve.  Such a fantastic achievement for the breed and individual breeders to celebrate.

To top the day off with what has been an outstanding show for the Kite Family, Alan Timbrell tapped out Cotonhall Prophet Cherry as his Reserve Supreme Exhibitor Bred Champion whilst at the same time over in the Interbreed calf classes Judge Jane Arrell tapped out Cotonhall Attitude Pearl as Interbreed Champion Calf.  Truly amazing day for the Kite family, winning four Championships all with home bred cattle when Rob has only been invested in the breed for the past nine year.  A phenomenal achievement for a relative new comer one which has certainly not been done before.

The National Show held at the Royal Cheshire Show is certainly excelling at being a highlight on the Dairy Shorthorn calendar.  Boasting the largest number of entries in the Dairy section with ten exhibitors putting on a fantastic display of quality cattle from the top to the bottom of every single class.  This is one show not to miss the comradery amongst the exhibitors and surrounding breeders certainly make the show enjoyable and the hard work that everyone puts in makes this an unmissable event. 


Junior Calf

  1. Cotonhall Landmine Cherry - s: Panorama Landmine - R Kite
  2. Morwood Amber Princess 3 - s. Llandovery Prides Prophet - R Morgan

Intermediate Calf

  1. Cotonhall Attitude Pearl - s. Damartin Attitude - R Kite
  2. Cotonhall Absolute Damson - s. Apples Absolute - R Kite
  3. Earlsgift Princess 4 - s. Winbrook Brutus - Messrs' Crank
  4. Morwood Claribel 3 - s. Lemon Grove Bellagio - R Morgan

Senior Calf

  1. Cotonhall Empire Cherry - s. Llandovery Jinny's Empire - R Kite
  2. Amber Princess Anne 112 - s. Amber Tornado - J Hole
  3. Burbrook Jinny's Meg - s. Llandovery Jinny's Empire - R Harper
  4. Earlsgift Merry Maid 10 - s. Nejay Anzac - Messrs' Crank
  5. Burbrook Lily Pamela - s. Tiger-Lily Ladd - R Harper
  6. Dee Autumn - s. Dee Vinnie's Lad - L & D Price Jones
  7. Morwood Angela - s. Morwood Blitz - R Morgan
  8. Morwood Miss Mere - s. Treeton Pimp - R Morgan
  9. Morwood Gay Lass 5 - s. Treeton Pimp - R Morgan

In Calf Heifer

  1. Morwood Coba - s. Hooton Fair Ambition - R Morgan
  2. Nejay Pamela Mary 14 - s. Panorama Landmine - N Madeley
  3. Tabley Duchess Gwynne 9 - s. Cotonhall Wizard -  B & E Whittaker
  4. Amber Princess Alida 35 - s. Amber Red Kestrel - J Hole
  5. Drisgol Bella 109 - s. Drisgol Mortimer - Messrs' Crank

Cow In Calf

  1. Earlsgift Fillpail Fae 9 - s. Drisgol Madonna's Prince - Messrs' Crank
  2. Rodway Lisbet 11 - s: Rodway Rueben - R Morgan
  3. Tabley Lady Empire - s Llandovery Jinny's Empire - B & E Whittake

Heifer In Milk

  1. Cotonhall Alfie Nellie - s. Cotonhall Alfie - R Kite & B Evans
  2. Daimat Safie - s. Panorama Landmine - D Madeley
  3. Morwood Gay Lass 3 - s. Lowlands Franklin - R Morgan

Junior Cow In Milk

  1. Cotonhall Prophet Cherry - s: Llandovery Prides Prophet - R Kite
  2. Avondale Vi 5 - s. Hooton Envoy - Messrs' Crank
  3. Cotonhall Lennox Moonlight - s. Cotonhall Lennox - R Kite
  4. Dee Lady Hermione 9 - s. Strickley True Perfection - R Morgan
  5. Amber Favourite Claire 57 - s. Stockwood Lord Barrington 3 - J Hole

Intermediate Cow In Milk

  1. Morwood Prince Gay Lass - s. Rodway Prince - R Morgan
  2. Morwood Rueben Tiny - s. Rodway Rueben - R Morgan
  3. Earlsgift Blush Rose 5 - s. Strickley True Perfection - Messrs' Crank

Senior Cow In Milk

  1. Earlsgift Tiny 19 s. Amber Dukedom - Messrs' Crank
  2. Elkington Amber Princess 10 s: Loughdale Rising Star Red - R Morgan
  3. Avondale Presentation 3 s. Drisgol Watzon - Messrs' Crank
  4. Earlsgift Barrington Duchess 12 s. Strickley True Perfection - Messrs' Crank

 Production Inspection

  1. Elkington Amber Princess 10 - s. Loughdale Rising Star Red - R Morgan

 Progeny Pair

  1. Strickley True Perfection - Messrs' Crank
  2. Rodway Rueben - R Morgan
  3. Treeton Pimp - R Morgan

Group Of Three

  1. R Morgan
  2. R Kite
  3. Messrs' Crank

SUPREME CHAMPION: Cotonhall Prophet Cherry - R Kite

RESERVE CHAMPION: Avondale Vi 5th - Messrs' Crank

HONOURABLE MENTION: Morwood Prince Gay Lass - R & S Morgan

JUNIOR CHAMPION: Cotonhall Alfie Nellie - R Kite

CALF CHAMPION: Cotonhall Attitude Pearl - R Kite