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Group shot of all the exhibitors

Champion: Winbrook Vi 143 - A Lawson

22nd - 25th June 2016 | Judge: James Lambe

Victorious Vi at the Royal Highland 2017

Judge James Lambe, Ballytrain Shorthorns, Co Monaghan had no hesitation in tapping out Winbrook Vi 143rd from the Lawson family as his overall Champion. Sired by Marleycote Thunder this junior cow in milk was “the complete package today”.

Adam Lawson 6yr old son Ruaridh receive the Championship Trophy off Judge James Lambe

Reserve: Brafell Rosalyn - A Lawson

Led to the top of the class by Ailsa Thomson this third calver was brought by Adam Lawson from Penrith Auction back in 2014 as a heifer in milk.  This is a first major win for Winbrook Vi 143rd  EX92 who calved back in October.  She had a heifer calf by Lisnamulligan Fairway which is for sale in the Lawson's family consignment at Carlisle later this year.   Commenting on his winner James states “this cow has tremendous balance, fantastic depth of rib and tracked on superb legs and feet.  Despite being further along in her lactation she still had great width in the rear udder.  She was an easy winner for me.”  Previous outings for this formidable junior cow include an Any Other Breed Championship title at Fife show earlier in the year.  Due to calve again in October to Hooton Envoy Winbrook Vi 143 is still giving 25kgs daily.  “She is an excellent example of the breed.”

Reserve Championship went to Brafell Rosalyn for the second consecutive year.  Adam Lawson brought this cow from the Brafell dispersal back in March when she was fresh with her fourth..   Roslyn is no stranger to the Royal Highland show having made her debut as a milk heifer in 2014, since then this “clean boned milk machine” has been climbing the rankings.  The VG86 Kirkbryde Royal Event daughter is currently giving 35kgs daily and is hopefully back in calf to Winhall William.

The Lawson family secured the Junior Championship with Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 4 by Dunham Aristocrat.  This heifer in calf has been served to Winhall William and is due in September.    “She has great balance, style on parade and looked extremely promising underneath.”  This heifer keeps improving with age as she betters herself on last years second place in the maiden heifer class, and top in the pairs.  “She certainly has a bright future.”

Group shot of all the exhibitors

Group shot of all the exhibitors

Thomas Moscrop found his Irthingelt Vi 5th by Blissful Ted's Spurgeon top of the maiden heifer class.  This is the first major win for the young calf that stood third at Carlisle Dairy Expo back in March in a class of eleven.  Led by Thomas' son Stephen “this calf was an easy winner for me, displaying great stretch, lovely depth of rib and paraded with such style she caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring.”  This is one calve to watch out for.  The April born calf then went on to secure the Reserve Junior Championship title.  A great success for the Moscrop family who exhibited at the Royal Highland Show for the first time this year.

Further class results proved fruitful for Adam Lawson and family.   Lisnamulligan topped the dry cow class with Princess Anne 10th GP84 led by Adam's 6 year old son Ruaridh.  The Dunham Aristocrat daughter is carrying her second calf and “she oozes dairy strength.”.  There are high hopes for the future of this youngster as her mother was the Highland Show Champion back in 2009. Adam Lawson then went on to win the exhibitor bred best pair of Dairy Shorthorns with his  second and third placed junior cows Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 3 and Winbrook Jill 161st  “the only pair of milkers in the class, they paraded with style on great legs and feet, matching well.”  Finally Winbrook Cactus 30th from the Lawson family won the heifer in milk class.  This heifer is another purchase new to the Lisnamulligan herd from David Dents May Dispersal. Led by Nyomi Blandd Cactus calved on the 1st May and she is still churning out 35kgs daily.  “The height and width of the rear udder of this sweet heifer was spectacular.”

To top off the Lawson family's golden show Adam went on to win the John Miller Perpetual Challenge Trophy for Best Stockman in the entire cattle section.  This trophy is rotated across the Royal Highland Show and only lands in the cattle lines every four years.  Four years ago the Honour went to John Teasdale which exemplifies that the Dairy Shorthorn members truly work in unison, encouraging the young members and pull out all the stops.  Well done Adam for receiving such an honour on top of the Championship trio.  Without a doubt this would not be the fantastic show that many have come to know without the sense of community that lies behind the show ring.  This years exhibitors; the Craig family, the Moscrop's and the Lawson's always work with such a sense togetherness and camaraderie which makes the trip to the Highland always worthwhile.  Thank you

Adam Lawson 6yr old son Ruaridh receive the Championship Trophy off Judge James Lambe

Adam Lawson 6yr old son Ruaridh receive the Championship Trophy off Judge James Lambe


Maiden Heifer

  1. Irthingelt Vi 5 - s. Blissful Ted's Spurgeon - T Moscrop
  2. Lisnamulligan Whitetail 4 - s. Glanhirwen Prince - A Lawson
  3. Lisnamulligan Jane 7 - s. Twells Prince - A Lawson
  4. Newpark Dairymaid 86 - s. Newpark Del Boy - D Craig
  5. Parkhouse Pansy 6 - s. Newpark Jean's Enterprise - V Bowman
  6. Newpark Margaret - s. Newpark Jean's Enterprise - D Craig

Heifer In Calf

  1. Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 4 - s: Dunham Aristocrat - A Lawson
  2. Parkhouse Pansy 5 - s. Newpark Jean's Enterprise - V Bowman

Cow In Calf

  1. Lisnamulligan Princess Anne 10 - s: Dunham Aristocrat - A Lawson

Heifer In Milk

  1. Winbrook Cactus 30 - s. Winbrook Pedro - A Lawson
  2. Newpark Clarissa 27 - s. Lenborough Field Marshall - D Craig

Junior Cow In Milk

  1. Winbrook Vi 143 - s. Marleycote Thunder - A Lawson
  2. Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 3 - s: Hooton Fair Reflection - A Lawson
  3. Winbrook Jill 143 - s. Nixis LCD Lido - A Lawson

Senior Cow In Milk

  1. Brafell Rosalyn - s: Kirkbryde Royal Event - A Lawson
  2. Irthingelt Princess - s. Oxton Boundless - T Moscrop

CHAMPION: Winbrook Vi 143 - A Lawson

RESERVE CHAMPION: Brafell Rosalyn - A Lawson

HONOURABLE MENTION: Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 4 - A Lawson


JUNIOR CHAMPION: Lisnamulligan Lady Barrington 4 - A Lawson

RESERVE JUNIOR: Irthingelt Vi 5 - T Moscrop