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Champion: Avondale Furbelow 14

Champion: Avondale Furbelow 14

Cranks Furbelowed with the Championship Honours @ The Royal Welsh Show

“As soon as this cow entered the ring she was the winner” Judge Rob Kite, Cotonhall, Stafford states as he decisively taps out Avondale Furbelow 14th from the Crank family as this years Royal Welsh Champion. “This senior cow is the complete package from the tip of her tail to the tip of her nose”.

Reserve Champion: Churchroyd Gentle 110th

Todays Champion was a “hands down an easy winner”.  Avondale Furbelow 14th has just calved her sixth and is currently giving 43 litres daily and she will be served to Lemon Grove Hoffman next time around. Rob states that she was “carrying great bloom with an exceptional udder for a sixth calved cow, not to mention the beautiful bone quality”.

Heifers in milk was “a tough class with three very different heifers to judge but today I went with the one that showed the most strength, power and overall balance.”  Churchroyd Gentle 110th owned by the Batchelor family has “lovely venation in the udder and good teat placement, taking nothing away from my heifer in second that was extremely fresh”.  By Nejay Ernie this milk heifer calved back in March and is currently giving 26 litres daily. This was the first major win for the heifer that is classified VG86.

Further class results saw the Rachel Batchelor win the Maiden heifer class with Castlemartin Butternut Wildeyes 2nd a Blackwood Park Butternut daughter.  This June born calf “is a lovely dairy heifer with great potential and edged herself to the top spot for her dairyness and strength through the front end”.  Her dam Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 43rd EX90 was also present at the show and stood second in the senior cow in milk class but won the maiden heifer class here five years ago.  The in calf heifer class went to Earlsgift Tiny 31st a heifer that “was clean and dairy throughout”.  By Broadlane King Louis, this heifer is fresh from her Cheshire show class win.   Standing top of the cow in calf class was Churchroyd Pamela 18th VG86 owned by the Batchelor family.  Coming with her third, she is in calf to Blackwood Park Butternut and due at the end of September. Rob states that he is “looking forward to seeing this cow in milk as she was a great framed animal with good promise”.  In the junior cow in milk class the recently purchased Hooton Lily Fair 262nd VG87, now owned by the Crank family won the class. Rob comments that “this was a lovely clean boned animal with a good central ligament.” Having calved her second, a bull by Kilsally Redford back in May this is the first time out for the cow.

The cattle were a credit to all the breeders who have made the effort to continually show their unwavering support for this spectacular show.  Congratulations to everyone.


Maiden Heifer

  1. Castlemartin Butternut Wildeyes 2 - s. Blackwood Park Butternut - R Batchelor/li>
  2. Earlsgift Jessie 7 - s. Drisgol Mortimore - Messrs' Crank

Heifer In Calf

  1. Earlsgift Tiny 31 - s. Broadlane King Louis - Messrs' Crank
  2. Castlemartin Butternut Wildeyes - s. Blackwood Park Butternut - R Batchelor

Heifer In Milk

  1. Churchroyd Gentle 110 - s. Nejay Ernie - R Batchelor
  2. Nejay Erin 10 - s. Blackwood Park Dan - N Madeley
  3. Earlsgift Topsy - s. Broadlane King Louis - Messrs' Crank

Dry Cow

  1. Churchroyd Pamela 18 - s. Churchroyd Goldwin ET - R Batchelor

Junior Cow In Milk

  1. Hooton Lily Fair 262 - s. Sir Ridgedal Rustler Red - Messrs' Crank

Senior Cow In Milk

  1. Avondale Furbelow 14 - s. Strickley True Perfection - Messrs' Crank
  2. Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 43 - s. Churchroyd Lucky - R Batchelor


  1. R Batchelor
  2. Messrs' Crank

CHAMPION: Avondale Furbelow 14  - Messrs' Crank
RESERVE: Churchroyd Gentle 110 - R Batchelor
HONOURABLE MENTION: Nejay Erin 10 - N Madeley

JUNIOR CHAMPION: Churchroyd Gentle 110 - R Batchelor 
RESERVE JUNIOR: Nejay Erin 10 - N Madeley