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Champion: Dee Lady Hermione 8

Champion: Dee Lady Hermione 8

Cranks' Crowned 7th National Champions

The Crank family have a stella show and lift the 7th National Show Trophy with Dee Lady Hermione 8th.  For Judge Lawrie Chittick, Lemongrove Illawarra's, Australia, she was “an obvious Champion she exhibited the dairy characteristics that I look for, plenty of stretch, bone quality with correctness throughout ”.

Dee Lady Hermione 8th has certainly done the rounds through pedigree herds. Bred by David and Liz Price Jones in 2012 this Drisgol Madonna's Prince daughter was then sold as a bulling heifer into the Tabley herd of B&E Whittaker. The Whittaker brothers showed Hermione as an in calf heifer back in 2015 here at the National show and led her to victory as an in calf heifer before then selling her on after she calved her first. Next stop was the Crank family's herd, bought through Beeston for a leading price on the day. Considering this junior cow in milk calved a heifer calf by Winbrook Brutus back in July she has an “exceptional mammary system with great height in the rear. The length and dairyness this cow displayed made her an effortless winner.”

Reserve Champion / Exhibitor Bred Champion Cotonhall Alfie Nellie 

Reserve Champion / Exhibitor Bred Champion Cotonhall Alfie Nellie

Reserve Champion and Overall Exhibitor Bred Champion was claimed by Cotonhall Alfie Nellie VG86 as a two year old who is owned in partnership with J & B Evans in Australia. “This junior cow shows such strength and power”. Nellie is certainly no stranger to the show ring having won the Staffordshire County Show Championship a couple of weeks ago, the National Show Junior Championship last year and the calf Championship back in 2016. This is hardly surprising considering she has five generations of VG or EX cows behind her. She calved back in December and should be back in calf to Innisfail Lillyhill whilst still producing 32kgs daily in her second lactation. “She displays great balance throughout with great style on parade”.

Hon Mention Calf

Hon Mention Calf

Rounding out the Championship was Earlsgift Vi Ella 2nd. This Hooton Envoy daughter won the Heifer in milk class, then took the Junior Championship before standing as Honourable Mention in what has been a remarkable show of Dairy Shorthorn cattle. In what was arguably the most difficult class of the day Lawrie Chittick states that “the top placings were extremely close but the more I studied this sweet heifer the less faults I found, she certainly has a bright future and had to be top today in such a difficult class. She has a great udder with lovely bone quality and correctness through the rump, she was just a complete package”.

Mature Cow Winner

Mature Cow Winner

 Best Heifer in milk / Overal Honourable Mention Earlsgift Vi Ella 2

Best Heifer in milk / Overal Honourable Mention Earlsgift Vi Ella 2

Champion Calf: Cotonhall Landmine Cherry

Champion Calf: Cotonhall Landmine Cherry

Reserve Champion Calf: Tabley Red Hot Lady

Reserve Champion Calf: Tabley Red Hot Lady

Reserve in the Junior Championship went to the second placed heifer in milk Cotonhall Maurice Moonlight in what was a strong class of heifers.  This is the second outing for Moonlight, hot from winning heifer Interbreed Championship at Stafford and Dairy Shorthorn Reserve Overall.  By Cotonhall Maurice and daughter of Cotonhall Lennox Moonlight VG87 who won the championship at Newport in 2017, she definitely has a bright future.  Moonlight calved in April at 23 months of age and is still producing 28kgs daily, fingers crossed she is back in calf to Riversleigh Tuck having produced a heifer by Cotonhall Joyland this time. “This was a tight placing as this heifer had great bloom of udder with great height in the rear she was just pipped to the top spot today”.

In the fiercely competitive calf classes Rob Kite reigned Supreme Champion with Cotonhall Landmine Cherry.  This calf won the senior calf class and is now unbeaten on five outings.  Sister to last years National Champion Cotonhall Prophet Cherry VG88 the future is her oyster.  “This is one extremely well balanced calf, she demanded my attention as soon as she entered the ring, parading with such grace on excellent legs and feet.  She is super balanced and shows tremendous promise underneath, I predict a great future for this youngster”.

Reserve Calf Champion went to brothers Ben and Edward Whittaker with Tabley Red Hot Lady.  Sired by Nejay Prince 4th this calf headed the junior calf class.  “This was a well grown calf with tremendous stretch and dairyness especially through the front end.  She was a handy Reserve placing today”.  Interestingly this heifer is the fourth heifer from the family line to win this class.  Consistent breeding at its finest.  Her dam Tabley Empire Lady went further and won the Intermediate class at the All Breeds All Britain calf show and then took home the Honourable Mention rosette.  Now a fourth calved cow she resides in the Appleberry herd after being flushed to Llandovery Prides Prophet.

The Honourable Mention calf was Cotonhall Joyland Josephine who won the baby calf class.  This is the first outing and first major win for the January 2018 born calf.  “This super young calf matched my top two very well and I have high hopes for her future.  She is well balanced and tracked on superb legs and feet.”

Further success for the Crank family saw them lead out in first in the in calf heifer class with “a very balanced heifer”.  Earlsgift Tiny 31st is a Broadlane King Louis daughter who is due to calve in August.  This is the first outing and first win for the heifer that “has great bone quality and looks very promising underneath”.  She was then tapped out as Honourable Mention in the Junior Championship.  Only one entry forward in the dry cow class, with Avondale Ada 5th winning the top spot, a daughter of Drisgol Madonna's Prince from the Crank family.  She is currently carrying her fifth calf and “showed great capacity and strength”.  Earlsgift Anne also by Drisgol Madonna's Prince found her way to the top of the intermediate cow in milk class.  This cow calved her third in January, Judge Laurie Chittick said she “is well balanced cow and looked like she was doing a good job in the parlour”.

 Finally standing at the top of the senior cow class was the Crank family with yet another Drisgol Madonna's Prince daughter Earlsgift Fillpail Fae 9th who is milking in her fifth lactation.  She calved a bull calf to Lemongrove Hoffman back in December.  “This cow looks so youthful with stretch and cleanliness through the front end and lovely texture in the udder which edged her to the top spot today.”  The BOCM Silcock Ltd Perpetual Trophy this year went to the Crank Family with a uniformed Drisgol Madonna's Prince pair, Dee Lady Hermione 8th and Earlsgift Fillpail Fae 9th.  “This pair paraded on fantastic legs and feet” they showed the great dairy character that Drisgol Madonna's Prince daughters have become synonymous for.  Whilst the Kelmscott Perpetual Trophy for the best group of three also went to the Crank family well balanced correct group of milkers; Dee Lady Hermione 8th, Earlsgift Fillpail Fae 9th and Earlsgift Vi Ella 2nd.  “This group were easy winners for me today, showing all the clean dairy qualities I admire.”

 Congratulations to all the exhibitors that were able to participate at this years National Show.  The dedication you continue to show towards the Dairy Shorthorn breed is a credit to each and everyone of you. Well done


Junior Calf

  1. Cotonhall Joyland Josephine - s. Cotonhall Joyland - R Kite
  2. Earlsgift Jessie 8 - s. Drisgol Madonna's Prince - Messrs' Crank

Intermediate Calf

  1. Tabley Red Hot Lady - s. Nejay Prince 4 - B & E Whittaker
  2. Cotonhall Jagger Sapphire - s. Cotonhall Jagger R Kite
  3. Cotonhall Joyland Empress - s. Cotonhall Joyland R Kite
  4. Earlsgift Jessie 7 - s. Drisgol Mortimore - Messrs' Crank
  5. Amber Princess Anne 124 - s. Amber Dynamite - J Hole
  6. Amber Princess Anne 125 - s. Amber Dynamite - J Hole

Senior Calf

  1. Cotonhall Landmine Cherry - s. Panorama Landmine - R Kite
  2. Amber Princess Anne 118 - s. Step Red - J Hole
  3. Earlsgift Cynthia 2 - s. Lemongrove Hoffman - Messrs' Crank
  4. Earlsgift Lilian 2 - s. Lemongrove Hoffman - Messrs' Crank
  5. Irthingvale Ronson Tulip - s. Rodway Ronson - G & B Bell
  6. Dee Wild Queen 27 - s. Churchroyd Percy - L & D Price Jones

In Calf Heifer

  1. Earlsgift Tiny 31 - s. Broadland King Louis - Messrs' Crank
  2. Cotonhall Attitude Pearl - s. Damartin Attitude - R Kite
  3. Amber Princess Anne 112 - s. Amber Tornado - J Hole


Cow In Calf

  1. Avondale Ada 5 - s. Drisgol Madonna's Prince - Messrs' Crank


Heifer In Milk

  1. Earlsgift Vi Ella 2 - s. Hooton Envoy - Messrs' Crank
  2. Cotonhall Maurice Moonlight - s. Cotonhall Maurice - R Kite
  3. Burbrook Lily Pamela - s. Tiger-Lily Ladd P Red - R Harper
  4. Burbrook Jinny's Meg - s. Llandovery Jinny's Empire - R Harper
  5. Cotonhall Maurice Cherry - s. Cotonhall Maurice - R Kite
  6. Avondale Butterbur 26 - s. Broadlane King Louis - Messrs' Crank

Junior Cow In Milk

  1. Dee Lady Hermione 8 - s. Drisgol Madonna's Prince - Messrs' Crank
  2. Cotonhall Alfie Nellie - s. Cotonhall Alfie - R Kite
  3. Attwoods Grey Rose 2 - s. Nejay Ernie - R Brindley

Intermediate Cow In Milk

  1. Earlsgift Anne - s. Drisgol Madonna's Prince - Messrs' Crank

Senior Cow In Milk

  1. Earlsgift Fillpail Fae 9 - s. Drisgol Madonna's Prince - Messrs' Crank
  2. Nejay Foggy 91 - s. Nejay Ernie - R Harper
  3. Earlsgift Snow Queen - s. Strickley True Perfection - Messrs' Crank
  4. Nejay Foggy 90 - s. Nejay Amazon - Messrs' Crank

Progeny Pair

  1. Drisgol Madonna's - Prince Messrs' Crank
  2. Cotonhall Maurice - R Kite
  3. Cotonhall Joyland - R Kite
  4. Broadlane King Louis - Messrs' Crank
  5. Amber Dynamite - J Hole
  6. Lemongrove Hoffman - Messrs' Crank

Group Of Three

  1. Messrs Crank
  2. R Kite
  3. Messrs' Crank
  4. J Hole & Son

SUPREME CHAMPION: Dee Lady Hermione 8 - Messrs' Crank

RESERVE CHAMPION: Cotonhall Alfie Nellie - R Kite

HONOURABLE MENTION: Earlsgift Vi Ella 2 - Messrs' Crank

JUNIOR CHAMPION: Earlsgift Vi Ella 2 - Messrs' Crank

CALF CHAMPION: Cotonhall Landmine Cherry - R Kite