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Dairy Shorthorn Articles

“Ripley’s Believe It or Not”

Malkin Family - Left to right Rob, Sue, Rodway Lisbet 6th, Tom and Chris

A Jug of our Best

When people hear the name Tom Ripley you might think of the Dairy Shorthorn breeder who sold up in the late nineteen eighties to emigrate and farm in Canada not the man who nearly twenty five years later has returned to his roots to start breeding his beloved Shorthorn cows again.

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Blended Dairy Shorthorn

Blended Shorthorns

 - the functional and profitable breed for the future - Rob and Sue Morgan believe in grasping opportunities; it’s an approach that’s enabled them to grow their farming business within the last nine years from a 24 cow start-up herd to their current dairy enterprise featuring 400 cows. Further expansion is on the horizon and blended Dairy Shorthorn genetics are at the heart of their plans.

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